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Stars Aligned Finance is a new age Insurance Brokerage Firm which is at the forefront of offering the utmost value to clients.

Our Product Suit has a package for everyone, whether you are Employed, an Entrepreneur, a Celebrity, a Student, or a Business, we have got you covered.

Stars Aligned is a big proponent of people and companies to have a representation of a Broker in all their insurance and investment products to assist them in getting packages best suited for them and making sure the process of making claims unfolds in a manner that favours the client.

The best part is that it costs the client nothing, we are incentivized by the insurance or financial institutions.

Three words define who we are:




Stars Aligned


Stars Aligned team consists of the Best people from diverse backgrounds, Finance, Investments, Legal, Technology, Statistics, Fintech, Insurance and Research etc – we are pulling from a pool of Global experience localizing it in how we serve our clients and craft cutting-edge solutions.

To Elaborate More

Insurance in South African perspective translate to funeral cover, this is the misconception that needs to be cleared out so that people can understand that insurance is more than just funeral cover. The public and companies should be educated on the role of insurance so that they can secure the future of the families of their employees and also secure their assets in case there is damage or loss of the insured asset.

Funeral cover is the most known and sought after product amongst other financial products followed by other life insurance and health insurance being the least. The importance of insurance cannot be over emphasized, it is the shared risk. It leaves families or businesses with peace of mind in the event if the unfortunate occurrence.

We are all working for a better future, there is no need to leave things to fate and have uncertainty, engage Stars Aligned to ensure what can be secured today. Let us be your Broker in your existing insurance products, and let’s help you with getting great new products.

Closing the insurance gap requires one to align their products to the needs of the clients as per their demographics. Stars Aligned is well positioned to close and narrow the gap through provision of Competitive, Tailored and Affordable insurance covers.


Stars Aligned has partnered with Finance Portal for lead generation, an aggregator in the financial sector. A cutting-edge platform where Transactions (Investments and Funding) transpire and also serves as Information Resource.