Broker Benefits

Benefits of Appointing a Broker

Negotiation Power

Brokers work with a variety of product suppliers hence they have the advantage to compare and negotiate best premiums for clients.

Claims Management

You do not need to worry about claims or general queries. Brokers do guide the clients on throughout the claims process and facilitate the claim on client’s behalf.


Through questions in attempt to understand the needs of the client, brokers are able to customise the products that is tailor made for the client.

You Do Not Pay For The Broker

Brokers are paid by the scheme/products provider.

Financial Security Assessment

Due to financial knowledge, brokers can advise on the insurer’s stability and financial soundness based on Market Intelligence.


Brokers will keep in touch with you and remind you when the renewal time of the products is approaching or due.

Keeping You Updated

If there will be product that will be replaced and discontinued, broker will inform and advice accordingly on the new product.

All Brokers Are Regulated By The FSCA

You are protected at all times. You can report them at the regulator if you have complains.

Experts Knowledge

Brokers are experts of the products they are providing; they will explain and guide you on the products suitable for you and your needs.

Business Relationship

In getting to know and understand the need of the client, a broker establishes a long and lasting relations with clients.

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