Tshepho Matlwa

Chief Executive Officer

Tshepho Matlwa is the CEO of Stars Aligned Finance, and Chief Executive Officer of Ultimate Holdings the parent company of Stars Aligned, and Leads UserX Rewards.

He holds a BSc in Mathematical Statistics, he has further completed courses in Finance including but not limited to Investment Banking, Company Valuation, Financial Analysis, Investment Banking and Finance: Private Equity Finance. He is currently pursuing Actuarial Science Board Exams.

Matlwa has 10 years’ experience in Research and Survey Methodologies, where his focus is mainly on Data Analysis and Data Visualization.

He has a strong knack for data value chain (from data collection to dissemination), Survey Methodologies and Data Visualization. He has a solid and advanced background in Research Methodologies.

Annually Matlwa Speaks at International and National Research & Statistical conferences including South African Statistical Association (SASA), Population Association of South Africa (PASA) and the African Population Conference (APC).