Life Insurance

Term used to describe life insurance or death cover which can provide a cash lump sum in the event of your death. It is there to help ensure that your loved ones are looked after and provided for, even if you are no longer alive and there to help them financially.

Due to Life unpredictability, the thought of leaving your family behind must be taken into serious consideration. Ensuring that your family will still have provision in the event that of your death is the sole priority we ought to adhere to.

Lump sum disability cover (also called disability insurance) pays out a fixed cover amount if you are permanently unable to work due to an illness or injury. This is intended to replace a portion or all your future earnings that you may lose, if you are unable to perform your occupational duties.

An endowment is a donation of money or property to a nonprofit organization, which uses the resulting investment income for a specific purpose.

Most endowments are designed to keep the principal amount intact while using the investment income for charitable efforts.

Endowments tend to be organized as a trust, private foundation, or public charity

Medical Cover – Medical aid cover is health insurance. It is simply financial protection against the probable risk of incurring medical expenses during your and your family’s lifetime.

Medical Insurance – Medical insurance plans cover a list of preselected benefits with a monetary value attached to each.

Income protection cover provides an income if you cannot work due to illness,
impairment or disability.

Offers protection when you’re permanently or temporarily unable to work in your current occupation.

Cover can pay 100% until retirement

Is a form of insurance that pays a specified amount of money in the event of a death, ensuring that the costs of a funeral will be covered so that family members do not have to struggle financially at this difficult time.

Funeral Plan offers you and your family funeral plans with lump-sum payouts as well as additional benefits.

Protection against larger loans and home loans.


Investing is an effective way to have your money work for you and build wealth.

Investment Accounts:

In a similar way banks have credit, savings, cheque card accounts, there are various type of investment accounts:

General investment account- Short, Medium and Long Term investment objectives. Tax-free investment account – All returns are tax free, this account is befitting for long term investment objectives.

Offshore investment account – Long term investment in foreign currency opens up an opportunity to disperse the investment risk across various geographies and sectors.

The greatest benefit of investing is making money work for you, this is through the power of compounding and the risk-return trade off.

Investment solely for income generation on regular basis. So, to invest in other alternative investment or to supplement other income.

Annual, bi-annual, quarterly or monthly income Guaranteed income for the term of interest i.e 5 years, 15 years etc Variety of funds to choose from

Retirement preparation by regular or once off payment so that you can enjoy years of hard work.

Multiple categories for retirement savings:

Retirement Annuity (pension fund- A pension fund, also known as a superannuation fund in some countries, is any program, fund, or scheme which provides retirement income., provident fund- A provident fund is a compulsory, government-managed retirement savings scheme used in Singapore, India, and other developing countries. Perseverance fund- A preservation fund exists to preserve your benefit until you retire)

Retirement annuity- a tax-effective retirement investment, which is designed for individuals who want to save towards their retirement. This can complement your existing pension or provident fund through the

Unit trust funds- A unit trust is an unincorporated mutual fund structure that allows funds to hold assets and provide profits that go straight to individual unit owners instead of reinvesting them back into the fund.

Tax free investment-incentives to encourage household savings. No interest tax, no dividends tax, no capital gains tax – and no exit penalties

Investment plan that lets you invest in your children’s education from pre-school to tertiary level.